Introducing the VectorBook

Unlock the power of mobility

Unlock a world of mobility, productivity, and cost-efficiency with a VectorBook from Vectoring. These ingenious devices seamlessly transform your smartphone or tablet into a versatile laptop-like workstation.

Unlock versatility and excellence 

Whether you're a student seeking an affordable and flexible learning solution, a professional on the move, or an eco-conscious individual looking for sustainable tech options, the VectorBook can offer a myriad of benefits. From improved productivity to customisation and energy efficiency, they cater to diverse needs and settings. 

Using native desktop access capability on the phone (such as VMWare, MS Azure VDI, CitrixDaaS), mobile employees can now work on desktop (including legacy) applications “on the go” rather than having to go back to an office to get access. 


VectorBooks are the ultimate shareable, ‘plug, play and walk-away’ device.


The perfect laptop solution for mobile working

More than a third of the UK’s office-based workforce is still working from home.



Discover the ease of mobile working with a lapdock. With its compact and portable design, a lapdock simplifies your setup, combining your smartphone into a single, familiar interface for both communication and productivity. Benefit from extended battery life, enhanced productivity, and seamless synchronisation, all in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly package. 


Say goodbye to the complexities of multiple devices and experience a more efficient way of working, whether you're on the move or in a fixed location. Make mobile work easy with a lapdock.

Make your smartphone work harder for you

Experience the ultimate in mobile productivity with the VectorBook, perfectly compatible with a range of leading smartphone brands. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola Moto Z, Huawei Mate, LG V, Microsoft Surface Duo, and OnePlus devices seamlessly connect to the VectorBook, making mobile working a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of a desktop-like experience, extending the capabilities of your smartphone for enhanced productivity. 

Make a positive impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint with VectorBook.

Join us in the movement towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future with VectorBook. Embrace cutting-edge technology that reduces electronic waste, conserves energy, and minimises the use of raw materials, all while offering you the mobility and versatility you desire. 

A secure solution

When you choose to use a VectorBook in tandem with your smartphone, you unlock a world of enhanced security benefits that outshine the traditional laptop or a multitude of separate devices. 

Reduces cyber threats

VectorBooks leverage the power of your smartphone's processing and operating system. This strategic design significantly reduces your exposure to potential threats. Unlike full-sized laptops with their complex software stacks, the VectorBook offers a narrower attack surface, making it harder for attackers to find vulnerabilities.

Seamless Updates

Stay on the cutting edge of security with regular updates and patches from smartphone manufacturers. Your VectorBook, closely tied to your smartphone, benefits from these updates, keeping your device secure. Managing security across multiple devices can be cumbersome and may lead to overlooked updates and vulnerabilities.


We regularly offer industry-relevant training programs and workshops to show how to get the best from your Vectoring solutions. Our specialist team have many years of experience in their specialist area and enjoy sharing their expert knowledge.


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