The perfect laptop solution

More than a third of the UK’s office-based workforce is still working from home.



With so many of the UK’s workforce still working from home, hotdesking is the most economic approach for office managers to employ.


This, plus the natural need to share devices through a hotdesking estate has become a preferred strategy for IT teams countrywide.  However, that means that security and monitoring usage (authorised apps and access) also become a greater concern.


A versatile lapdock

The phone/VectorBook combination provides a completely secure laptop experience which leverages the identity management, security and log-in credentials on the phone - enabling the encrypted apps already installed on the phone to be presented in full screen mode on the VectorBook

Using native desktop access capability on the phone (such as VMWare, MS Azure VDI, CitrixDaaS), mobile employees can now work on desktop (including legacy) applications “on the go” rather than having to go back to an office to get access. 


VectorBooks do not need to be “personal issue” – a further benefit is that they can be a shareable, ‘plug, play and walk-away’ device.


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